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What is ultrasound?
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Ultrasonic wave refers to the sound that cannot be heard by human beings. A frequency greater than 20000hz mechanical wave produces various effects such as machinery, light, heat, electricity, chemistry and biology. Ultrasonic wave can effectively spread in gas, liquid, solid, solid melt and other media. Ultrasound plays a very important role in medicine, the use of ultrasound for the treatment of human pain parts, to achieve the therapeutic effect. Ultrasonic wave in the equipment ultrasonic spot welding machine play its role, ultrasonic spot welding machine known as "ultrasonic welding machine". From the rise of ultrasonic development and establishment to now, ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine is a widely used welding machinery equipment, suitable for electrical appliances, daily necessities, toys, automotive manufacturing, electronics industry and many plastic related products. The electronics industry is currently the most used ultrasonic plastic welding industry; At present, the proportion of plastic electronic products in China is about 50%. Ultrasonic spot welding machine is the core of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic spot welding products out of the product watertight, not leakage, can be airtight welding, welding does not hurt plastic parts.

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