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Grease on the plating surface
Release time:2020-03-11 14:50   Read the number:432time  

The sources of grease on the plating surface mainly include the following aspects:

(1) plating in the process of making the need for lubrication, cooling, rust, etc., the use of a variety of grease to achieve the purpose of processing needs. Such as rolling, stamping, heat treatment and quenching, such as the use of drawing oil, lubricating oil, quenching oil, anti-rust grease.

(2) plating in the process of mechanical processing, such as the car, cutting, cutting, drilling, grinding and other processes, need to use lubricating oil, cutting oil, drawing oil, rust oil, etc.

(3) after the plating machine manufacturing, in the process of storage and transportation to prevent surface corrosion, rust or wear, need antirust packaging, need to use a variety of antirust grease and corrosion inhibitor.

(4) some plating parts in the pre - treatment, mechanical polishing, polishing surface with polishing paste, wax and metal dust and other dirt.